You’ve got the Sound,
the Look, the Soul…

but there’s so much more to do to succeed!

  • Book great shows
  • Fill the house every time
  • Maintain a professional digital presence
  • Build fan relationships
  • Get paid!

…oh yeah, and you gotta write some music too.

Sounds like you need a djinni in your pocket.  So, rub the lamp, then get back to doing what you do best – making music – and let BandDjinni take care of the rest.

Get In Early

Early adopters get 1 year of FREE featured event promotion!

Book Better Shows

Just any bar will not do.  Discover and contact local venues that are perfect for your sound and career stage.  And by starting here, they’ll know you’re worth it!

Draw Bigger Crowds

Let’s face it, promotion is tough…but it shouldn’t have to be.  With BandDjinni, your event reaches the perfect audience every time, everywhere.  Open the fan flood gates!

Level Up Your Career

Finally, a platform made by musicians for musicians.  BandDjinni is designed to empower serious indie artists with the tools to thrive, from the local bar to the global stage.  It’s show time, pro!

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