Founding Djinn

BandDjinni is created by a crew of unicorns, musicians, mad scientists and visionaries from the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.  Our passion is fueled by personal participation in the independent music scene, and a desire to re-inspire community engagement with the diverse musical cultures that make so many towns, big and small, powerful beacons of creativity and social evolution.

Want to get involved?  Rub the lamp.


Nancy Madonik


A passionate, entrepreneurial, hard-working, hands-on leader who gets things done.  After successfully managing a multi-national agency for nearly a decade, Nancy is bringing her expertise to BandDjinni.  Over the past 2 decades she has delivered impressive results for clients including Coca-Cola, Kraft, Mattel, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, and American Express among many others.


Carla Riggi

CEO / Head of Product

San Francisco Bay Area indie rock/jazz/blues vocalist, enterprise and consumer UX expert, blockchain futurist, serial entrepreneur, and unicorn.  This Sila Djinn is a medling shapeshifter for sure, but she mostly uses her powers for good.  This time around she’s unlocking the economic and social potential of the local indie music scene.  You’re welcome.

Tomasz Korzeniowski

Head of Engineering

Over 20 years of engineering leadership and mobile and web-app development experience including artificial intelligence, big data, facial recognition, and automated code review.  Tomek is also a blockchain pioneer with a team of experienced Ethereum developers at his side.  When not busy inventing something, he can be found at the blues jam.

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